c_country_songs In 1992 I was contacted by a publisher back east that agreed to help me sell my songs. He felt that my kind of songwriting was best suited for Country Western Music. For the next four years all the songs I wrote were tailored for country music artists. We sent the songs to Nashville, had professional demos made of them, and then pitched them to various artists. Have a listen and judge for yourself.

"One Way In And No Way Out" - "Beyond The Shadow ofYour Doubt" - "In The Name Of Love" - "Niki Lee" - "If Nobody's Wrong" - "Carolyne Sue" - "You'll Wanna Try Love Again" - "Lucky Day" - "He's Still A Legend In His Mind" - "Let's Just Say Goodbye" - "He Thought She'd Love Him" - "The Morning Sun" - "Not A Word Was Said" -

One Way In and No Way Out

Sapphire Eyes

Rollin' Down The Highway

Beyond The Shadow Of Your Doubt

If Nobody's Wrong

In The Name Of Love