w_gonna_happen This CD was created from the concept of how we might be perceived, depending on beliefs, after our time on earth is done. These songs are interrelated to each other and coincide with specific flashpoints in my life. It has all the makings of a bad three act play, with drama, revelation, and finally resolution but this was the life I lived, not all bad, not all good. Although the complexities of these times were very difficult, the ability to evolve mentally and spiritually has always given me the positive attitude to accept and enjoy my life for exactly what it is.

"What's Gonna Happen When I'm Gone" - "I Heard Angels Sing" - "Sweet Wonderful Beautiful Child" - "Sunny Day Boy" - "My Fathers' Hands" - "Time To Make A Change" - "Send Her All My Love" - "I Had To Say Goodbye" - "A Kiss From God" - "Coming Through A Darkness"

I Had To Say Goodbye

My Father's Hands

Coming Through A Darkness

Sunny Day Boy